Service Level Agreement

Last updated Feb 25, 2021


An essential part of our business is to ensure your hosting needs are taken care of, and when we fail, we risk losing more than just your support.

We risk losing our ratings, ability to back up our claims and our ability to ensure our customers are happy.

Thus, to solve this problem we've introduced a service level agreement, so you our client can rest assured in the event our services do go offline for whatever reason you will be fairly compensated, and our services will be back online in no time.

The Service Level

We ensure our servers have a 99.9% uptime, however, sometimes acts of god, equipment failure or general failures do occur and when it does your content goes offline with it.

To remedy this, we will provide you:

For every 1 hour of downtime you suffer, we will offer you 6 hours of service credit on your current package.

The service credit is restricted to no more than 24 hours of service credit per reported downtime.

If you suffer downtime to the excess of 24 hours, we will offer you 3 days of service credit.

The service credit where downtime is in the excess of 24 hours are limited to 3 days per reported downtime.

Do note the service credit restrictions.

The credit shall be applied to your account by the support team.

The credit shall not be redeemable for real money and or any other monetary value.

The credit is not tradable.

The credit has no given value and cannot be used a bargaining chip.

The credit is valid for 30 calendar days before it expires.